BABYBJORN Baby Carrier One – Best Baby Carrier For Your Little One

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5/5 on April 4, 2017

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  • Durable
  • Comfortable and Safe
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Adjustable to growing child


  • Not cheap but it worth every penny.


BABYBJORN Baby Carrier One is truly fantastic and one of the best baby carriers on the market. It is extremely durable and safe so you and your baby can use for a long time.

If you live in a hot or damp environment or intend to use this carrier outside a lot, this amazing carrier might be your best choice. It can be found in 3 appealing, gender-neutral colors. This is terrific since it can be used for more than one kid. It is really simple to change as your kid grows or if you want to move them from your front to your back.

Features and Pros of BABYBJORN Baby Carrier One

Long lasting
Quality product, and tough, your kid remains in their security not to stress.
Comfy and Safe
With the Baby Carrier Original, you just have to secure a couple of buckles to bring your child easily and firmly. The color-coded buckles and security click will guarantee that you attach the baby carrier properly. The baby carrier can be quickly changed for that ideal fit. All materials and products utilized in Baby Carrier Wonder respect your infant’s fragile skin and entirely safe to taste or chew. Your kid is brought in an upright position, which keeps respiratory tracts totally free and enables you to examine your infant’s breathing.
The baby carrier includes 3 front positions and one back position. The newborn position permits you to bring your kid in an optimum method– high up on your chest and near your heart. No infant insert is required. When your kid is a little older, the height can be reduced and you can decide to either bring dealing with inwards or outwards. With easy zipper modifications, you can choose in between typical and large leg positions. From 12 months on, you can then bring your young child on your back.
Easy to use and clean
It’s not just very simple to clean and however simple to place on and master. it’s device washable. Simply toss it in the washer, then set out to air dry.Cleans up like a charm.The straps feel sturdily built, and I specifically like how simple they are to change.
The strong, properly designed locks on the front click safely and are simple to launch with one hand. The front opens totally so that you can raise your sleeping child out without waking them.
Adjustable To Growing Child
The BabyBjorn has a height change for babies of varying ages. When open you unzip the front flap from one position and re-zip it into another, longer/taller position. Very few carriers provide such a variety of modifications. Which’s the genuine charm of the item? It provides adaptability and offers you various alternatives as your infant grows.


The price is not inexpensive for this carrier, however, you are certainly getting a durable item. This is an extremely well-made carrier and worth every cent.

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