5 Ways to Make Your Baby Happy

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A baby is a little bundle of joy. The times raising a baby are the happiest especially when the baby is jolly. Someone rightly said- “Happiness is simple when you are tiny”. However, we also encounter the difficult times trying to make a baby stop from crying. We put our heart and soul just to see the baby laughing. After all, who doesn’t love to see the baby smile? There are few expert tips and tricks to help you make the baby smile within no time. Read on below:

1-Tickle the baby– Tickling is so far, the most common way used by mums to make their baby smile. Knowing your baby’s likes or dislikes happens over time. In my case, my baby laughed while I was changing his clothes. The small touches on the baby skin made him giggle and thus I knew my baby likes to be tickled. He would laugh harder and harder when I tickled him softly.

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2-Calm tummy– The major challenge with babies is that they cannot tell you why they are in pain. A parent needs to figure out with baby’s body language what is making the baby cry. If the baby is putting his knees towards chest or is crying even after the feed then he might be having a stomach-ache. Try to paddle his legs with his back on the bed or put the baby on his stomach on your lap and pat his back. This can help relieve the gastric pains and provide the relief to the baby.
3-Bright and colorful surrounding and peekaboo– Keep the baby surrounded by bright and colorful toys, blankets and such things at the play time. Bright colors are attractive which holds the baby’s sight. Try cover your face with a blanket or with a toy and suddenly come out of the cover to make him laugh. Peekaboo does add wonder laugh moments to the baby’s play time. Do give it a try.
4-Toddler swing– Holding pre-walkers with both arms while they are starting to walk on their own for the first time can also be made playful. Make the baby jump through the obstacles while you hold him to walk. Let the baby put weight on his legs after each jump to make him walk on his own gradually. These jumps are also one of the best toddler swings.
5-Playful chasing– Playful chasing let the baby move faster than the usual movements and thus help for better growth. This can be done even when the baby is crawling. When you pretend you are chasing the baby and catch him playfully, it adds loads of laughter for you both.
The list doesn’t end at five. There are numerous other ways a baby would love to be treated with. Singing baby to a nap, massaging the baby feet, kissing on the head are few other ways to keep the baby’s smile stretched. Have a happy time raising the baby!

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